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A Helping Hand Foundation (Dutch: ‘Stichting Een Helpende Hand’ - SEHH) supports small-scale projects, particularly in Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone. Members are working on voluntary base. The Foundation attaches much importance to a personal and friendly relationship between its members, their sponsors and beneficiaries. We do not favour big actions or mass publicity to obtain sympathy and financial support, but work by means of mouth to mouth publicity. Most gifts are obtained via spontaneous or annual grants from sponsors and through special activities.

Target of SEHH

SEHH wants to help the poor, with proper use of earthly resources and without distinction to race, religion or gender. Motto is "from heart to heart, from hand to hand”.

Our way of working

In the course of its thirty-year old existence the Foundation has formed reliable contacts with local care workers in Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone. We have frequent contact with these persons to realize educational projects, homes for the disabled and of course incidental relief in case of calamities. The Foundation is continuously kept informed of the results of these projects by means of written reports, photographs and film recordings. Besides that, the board members of the foundation visit the donor countries in person every so many years. They travel entirely at their own expences.


SEHH Travel Report visits Sri Lanka 2019



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